NFL’s Young QB Overload

By: Alex Palmer on February 5th, 2019.

Patience. A virtue everyone is taught to live by, that is unless you’re an NFL General Manager or Coach rebuilding a team. Why is that though? Look at the recent Super Bowl runner-up LA Rams, they were patient, rebuilt their roster from the bottom and waited to add their “franchise” QB. He struggled his rookie year under Jeff Fisher, let’s be honest though most would. Now two years after placing Sean McVay into the fold the Rams offense was a juggernaut until meeting New England in Super Bowl 53.

The Chicago Bears followed the same blueprint that the Rams had started a year before. Building up a very strong roster, getting pieces in place, then drafting Mitchell Trubisky with the 2nd pick in the 2017 draft. He struggled as a rookie under John Fox the way Goff did with Fisher. A year later after the hiring of soon to be coach of the year Matt Nagy, Trubisky reached levels that no other QB in Chicago history has. Clearly with a 12-4 record and playoff birth Trubisky and his Bears arrow is pointing way up.

Then we have teams like the Browns and Jets, both teams with QB problems for awhile who have finally found their respective guys. The Browns have had major issues for a long time, and quite honestly a lack of patience with their cycling of signal callers, yet finally Baker Mayfield has rejuvenated the Browns and the city of Cleveland. Sam Darnold is the guy I am most torn on. Darnold has the potential to be a star in the league for a long time, and I believe he will, however its hard to buy into the Jets plan. Adam Gase is a hire to me that is questionable. I liked the potential of that pairing, that was until Dowell Loggains was brought in as the Offensive Coordinator. But as the theme throughout has been, we need to have patience and let this play out.

Finally, I know what you’re all thinking. “Is this man crazy?” “How has he not talked about Mahomes, Watson, and Wentz?” What we have with these three guys is very special. Patience is not needed the same way with these guys as those mentioned previously. These three came into the league and just ran away with the headlines and played amazing football. The reason Wentz was an MVP favorite before his ACL injury, the reason Watson was doing the same, and the reason Mahomes put up one of the greatest seasons by any QB ever.

The NFL is in a Golden Age of young Quarterbacks, so let’s just be patient and enjoy the amazing direction these guys are going to take us.

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