10 Final Thoughts on the 2018-2019 NFL Season.

By: Alex Palmer

What a season. Pat Mahomes. New England underdogs? Saints and Rams in the worst officiated game ever? Worst to First in Chicago and Houston. Jon Gruden destroying the Raiders. So lets get to it.

  1. Pat Mahomes Historic Season: What a season for the 2nd year QB out of Texas Tech. Coming into the year everyone knew of his raw talent but who could’ve pictured this type of season this quickly. Almost 5,100 yards and 50 passing touchdowns is completely absurd. Cannot wait to see him continue to grow, and I’m expecting to see him competing for a super bowl next season.
  2. Troubling Days in the Burgh’?: Mike Tomlin has a Super Bowl win and a great track record. But let’s not act like he hasn’t held this roster back. A Hall of Fame QB, the best running back, and the best receiver in the league and only one championship? Not to mention he has lost control of this team and there is clearly internal issues. Unless some miracles are worked on the defensive side of the ball I think Pittsburgh needs to start thinking about their next chapter and moving on from Tomlin.
  3. NFL Officiating: Everyone always blames the refs, fair enough as maybe the worst non-call I have ever seen kept the Saints out of the Super Bowl. However I believe the major issue lies deep within the rule book. Pass Interference, catch rules, roughing the passer just to name a few are all things that really have no clear understanding anymore. Fix it NFL or you’re just going to have more and more complaining from the fans.
  4. Jon Gruden are you crazy?: Yes, it is not totally clear that this was all his decision but why in the world would you trade Khalil Mack. As a Bears fan thank you so much. As an NFL fan, are you nuts? This might be one of the worst trades I have ever seen, even worse than the 10 year contract the Raiders gave you.
  5. The “Underdog” Patriots: Let’s be real, there was zero reason to ever doubt the Patriots, right? Yes at times they looked over-matched and like this year might finally be the decline of Tom Brady. Stop it, it’s nonsense. Until Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are retried and no longer leading the Patriots I don’t want to hear anyone bet against them, IT NEVER WORKS.
  6. Carson Wentz is still your guy Philly: No disrespect to Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles but he isn’t as good as Carson Wentz. May he be a better leader? Very well could be, however we are not in that locker room everyday so that is still unknown. For Philly it’s time to move on from Nick Foles, he had some amazing runs but it is time to fully invest in Wentz and trust me it will be the right move.
  7. Worst to First: The Chicago Bears and Houston Texans were both able to make the huge leap from bottom dwellers to division champs this year. S/O to Deshaun Watson and Mitch Trubisky, both 2nd year guys able to lead their teams to playoff births. I think we are going to consistently be seeing those guys names in playoff talk for the near future.
  8. Double Doink: Yes, this one cuts deep. But this just continues to prove how valuable kicking in the NFL is. Too many games are won and lost in the kicking game to keep guys around who cannot get the job done. Look for the Bears to go out and make a move to bring back Robbie Gould or another big name kicker to solidify that need. For what it’s worth I still believe Chicago was playing in the Super Bowl instead of LA if that kick is made.
  9. NFL OT Rules: Yes, I think both teams should get to posses the ball no matter what. But in no way do I think College rules are the answer. Give both teams a possession starting at their OWN 25 not the opponents. This has been an issue for awhile now, people who only wanted to complain when the current rules helped the Patriots need to stop.
  10. Way too Early 2019-2020 Super Bowl Prediction: Chicago .vs. Kansas City. The Bears will continue to improve on offense in their 2nd year in Nagy’s system and the Chiefs defense will get better leading us to a matchup between Mahomes .vs. Trubisky and Reid .vs. Nagy.
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