Tour of Cayuga Hall

  1. Who is your audience and why should they care about your story?

Our audience are incoming college students or transfers who are looking to live on campus. They should care because our college doesn’t offer a look into residence halls like we offer.

  • What is the idea for your video? Are you solving a problem, presenting a new perspective, or entertaining?

Our video will be a tour of our residence hall, Cayuga Hall. We are offering a new perspective on things considering our campus only offers views of the external outlook of Cayuga

  • What is the message of your video: what themes, topics, or ideas do you hope to convey?

Our entire video will be informational and we hope to help students that are planning to live on campus and don’t know what they’re walking into. As a prospective student, I didn’t know what the residence halls were offering me so we aim to alleviate that problem

  • What is the outline of action/events/sequences for your video (think of this as a mini storyboard – essentially, what will happen, for how long, when)?

To begin, we will start at the main doors and explaining the security, main desk, and vending area. We will then switch to another tour guide and show off the main lounge and then continue our journey with another tour guide showcasing the two back lounges and other common areas in the building.

Post-production questions:

  1. Do you think the story you told was successful in conveying your message? 

Our tour of Cayuga Hall touched on most of the amenities the our residence hall has to offer and would let incoming students know about the residence hall behind the scenes 

  • Did your message meet the needs of your audience? How so, if so? What would you do differently if not? 

Our audience planned to be incoming students or any student looking to move on campus. This university doesn’t offer behind the scenes look into residence halls and I believe we accomplished that

  • In what ways is video composition similar to, or different from, photo and text composition that we’ve done previously in class?

It’s similar to our previous modes of media because it conveys a message to an audience. Its also different in the same aspect because it offers an active visual for viewers to enjoy

  • What would you do with this idea if you had more time and a bigger budget?

If we had more time and a bigger budget then I would include all residence halls on campus and even expand to more colleges to offer the behind the scenes look for more students.

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